Why do I need a landscaping consultation?

Image by Markus Spiske

Buying a home is not easy with all the inspections and nuances that go along with the purchase of a new home or investment property. Time and time again the most common section of the home that is not inspected is the landscaping. 

Questions to ask, will I need to resod the lawn? Is there sufficient mulch in the garden beds? Will the retaining wall need fixing soon? Does the fence need replacing? 

Questions like these need to be answered before considering the purchase of a home or investment property because the repairs can get costly and should be mentioned in the negotiating process. 

Before and After reseeding and adding to

Verbal Consultation: FREE

Written Consultation: $199.00 

What you get:

A written summary, with pictures, of all deficiencies and estimated cost to fix/replace. (Digital & Paper copy included)